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30 liquid sticks per box | 1 month supply

Specifically formulated for the general health of all ages. Achieve 360° Protection In 30 Days!
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A Daily 360° Protection

DM MAMORU is your go-to food-grade health buddy, perfect for tackling everyday health vibes. This is a Japanese formula, packed with 11 all-natural ingredients, like minerals, beta yeast glucan, lutein, zeaxanthin, probiotics, and more. It’s like a powerhouse blend for your wellness journey!


360° Protection In 30 Days!

Get ready to level up your well-being with MAMORU’s unique formulation, designed to invigorate your immune system, support vibrant eyes, and foster a flourishing gut in just 30 days!


Perfect for Children and Adults 👪

Boost your wellness game with Mamoru! This formulation suits everyone, from kiddos to folks in their golden years, and yep, you too! It is a universal shield for the whole crew.


  1. Strengthen the body’s defence system 🛡
  2. Reduce allergy symptoms 🥜
  3. Promote gut health 🚽
  4. Relieve constipation 💩
  5. Protect eye health 👁


100% Natural and Clinically Backed Ingredients

💎 DORIKA MAHO™ – A nanotechnology for maximum absorption and bioavailability. Contains more than 60 types of minerals and trace elements in water-soluble form.


🌱 Yestimun® Yeast Beta-Glucan – It is widely studied for its immune-modulating properties to boost the body’s defence system.


🌱 FloraGlo® Lutein & Zeaxanthin – These carotenoids promote eye health and reduce risks of age-related macular degeneration.


🌱 Probiotics – Mamoru contains 30 billion CFU of live microorganisms to promote your gut health and aid digestion.


🌱Turmeric Extract – Contains curcumin, and is high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


🌱Pureway-C™, Pineapple, White Peach, Apricot, Oligosaccharides – They’re high in antioxidants, and are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also Mamoru’s natural flavourings!



⚠️86% of DM users felt improvement within 1-2 months (average).


MAMORU’s key ingredient is 💎DORIKA MAHO™


DORIKA MAHOis a concentrated solution of nano-technology with more than 60 types of minerals and trace elements in water-soluble form.


🔷 This technology enhances the absorption and boosts efficacy

🔷 It used to take 4 months to see effects, but Mamoru user feedback says it only takes less than 30 days!

🔷 It is a scientific breakthrough from Japan

🔷 Our company has obtained the global distributorship of this technology


Just Tear and Drink

MAMORU comes in with these handy, tasty liquid sticks that you can just tear and drink wherever you’re headed. Easy-peasy on-the-go goodness!


❌ No need to mix with water

❌ No need to wash your cups

✅ Just tear and drink

✅ Convenient to consume

✅ Very delicious with peach flavour


Take 1 – 2 liquid sticks per day. You may take before or after meal, at any time of the day. Chill in the fridge for the best taste.


Contains Only The Goodness

Mamoru is classified as food-grade by the Ministry of Health. Mamoru didn’t stop at just the basic safety food standards – it went the extra mile to make sure it’s like a health boost packed in every sip!


❌ No added sugar, no cholesterol

❌ No hormones, no drugs, no chemicals

❌ No artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives

✅ 100% natural and food grade

✅ Non-GMO

✅ Suitable for vegans!


Consume with Confidence!

Mamoru went through a series of rigorous audits and evaluations to ensure that you can take our products with a peace of mind



🏆 SGS Certified no hormones, no drugs, no artificial preservatives

🏆 SGS Certified no heavy metals

🏆 Consumer Protection Award 2022

10 reviews for DM MAMORU

  1. Lee Soek Ping

    thank you for the RM20 voucher and free shipping =)

  2. Teoh Kiah Kei

    I was wondering why it is more expensive. after found out the all in one formula with so many goodies inside……shut up and take my money, finally no more 5-6 types of tablets a day

  3. Aini Husna

    admin dia recommend guna mamoru + miryoku, terbaik. muka saya nampak cerah and halus dalam 2 minggu shj

  4. Bella Chang


  5. Janie Ho YW

    bought for my parents, so far so good. no more indigestion complain from them since 2 weeks ago.

  6. Stephy Chin


  7. Nicole Chung


  8. Christy Chuah

    finally, something my kids can accept, this taste really good. and most importantly I can see their skin problem going off now I just placed an order again ^.^

  9. Anya Ng

    谢谢 rennie 推荐用 dorika maho + mamoru,我两个孩子的便秘和湿疹真的进步很多,胃口也好很多,最近也不再喊眼睛干痛

  10. Jessie L

    It works like a wonder for sore throat and flu. Got it from a friend who saw me suffering from sore throat and flu, took 2 sachets, and in less than an hour I felt much much better. took another 2 the next day, and recovered on day 3. now I’m getting it for my kids as well. thx Jenny

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