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30 liquid sticks per box | 1 month supply

Specifically formulated for men’s health. Awaken a stronger you in just 30 days.
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A Daily Performance Elixir

DM CHIKARA is a food-grade health product designed to address men’s health concerns. It is a Japanese formulation with 12 natural ingredients, including various minerals, ginseng, ashwagandha, milk thistle, pumpkin seed extract, etc.

Awaken A Strong You in 30 Days, Transform in 90 Days!

How would you expect to feel after taking CHIKARA?
  • Higher energy, focus level & productivity throughout the day and you don’t feel tired that easily!
  • You’ll feel more relaxed, and at ease; Better sleep quality at night
  • Your night urination will be reduced, and your urination experience is much smoother
  • Your performance, endurance, desire & sensation is highly boosted!
What are the main benefits of CHIKARA?
  1. Promote liver health
  2. Promote prostate health
  3. Build stronger muscles
  4. Boost sexual health and sperm quality
  5. Regulate mood and alleviate stress

100% Natural and Clinically Backed Ingredients

💎 Dorika Maho™ – A nanotechnology for maximum absorption and bioavailability. Contains more than 60 types of minerals and trace elements in water-soluble form.


🌱 Ginseng – Traditional herb used for over 5000 years! It helps to promote energy levels, increase stamina and fight fatigue.


🌱 Ashwagandha (KSM-66®) – Ayurvedic medicinal herb, used to regulate testosterone levels. It helps to boost men’s sexual health, improve muscle strength and reduce stress.


🌱 Milk Thistle – Traditional herb used for over 2000 years to protect the liver against toxins.


🌱 Pumpkin Seed Extract – A widely used extract to reduce prostate growth and promote smoother urination.


🌱 Broccoli Extract, Oligosaccharide, Prune, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Bilberry, Pureway-C™ for antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, vitamins, minerals and natural flavourings.


CHIKARA‘s key ingredient is DORIKA MAHO. It contains more than 60 types of minerals and trace elements in water-soluble form.


⚠️86% of DM users felt improvement within 1-2 months (average).


After 24 years of scientific breakthroughs in Japan, this nano-technology maximizes your absorption and bioavailability of ingredients in CHIKARA. Now it doesn’t take 4 months to see results, it only takes less than 30 days.

Just Tear and Drink

DM CHIKARA comes in convenient and delicious liquid sticks, which you can just tear and drink everywhere you go. It tasted delicious, with ginseng and berries.


Take 1 – 2 liquid sticks per day before or after meals during day time.

Contains Only The Goodness

  • No added sugar, no cholesterol
  • No hormones, no drugs, no chemicals
  • No artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives
  • Non-GMO
  • Suitable for vegans!

Consume with Confidence!

  • SGS Certified no hormones, no drugs, no artificial preservatives
  • SGS Certified no heavy metals and microbes
  • Consumer Protection Award 2022

71 reviews for DM CHIKARA

  1. Kent Tan

    Was having doubt to make purchase because worry it won’t work like many others in the market. Glad I have tried it, now I’m consistently taking it. Really good Japanese product.

  2. Tze Ying

    My dad said he no longer feel pain when pee…. He is on his 3rd box now…. Looks more energetic than before also. Chikara deserves good rating 👍👍👍

  3. Foong JY

    Thanks for the father’s day promotion. Bought the 3 boxes bundle. Good for price

  4. Hong

    比以往颗粒状和粉状的方便多了。像饮料一样,重点是多合一功能,真的适合不喜欢天天要吃很多种的人。ho Liao 👍

  5. Lin KS


  6. Jane Yeap

    Bought for my dad 2 weeks ago, and he loves it. Jst a week I can see he is not visiting toilet as much as last time ald. bagus, memang deserve 5 stars

  7. Yusuf

    Terbaikkkk 👍👍👍 Barang sampai dalam keadaan selamat.

  8. Lim

    真心好喝,效果不错,可以感觉到有分别。然后精神真的好很多很多,会再买来喝 👍

  9. Michael

    Second time repeat 😁 It really works for me.. very2 recommend 👍👍👍

  10. Tyler Ting


  11. Timmy Choong

    I tried this one already. It is really good… you have any trial packs for the orange and pink one also?

  12. Lydia

    Can my child 15 year old take this?

  13. Martin

    Saw the ads in FB. Thank you Rennie for your consultation. I’m satisfied with the Chikara and Dorika Maho combination. A lot improvements 🙏

  14. Aziz

    Penghantaran yang pantas. Kualiti pun baik! Tqvm

  15. Leow HS

    以前我的夜尿是每晚 2 到 3 次。现在是 每晚一次。我才喝了 CHIKARA 少过一个月。

  16. Zikri

    barang ni cun! mesti cuba

  17. Jay

    received the products in 3 days, delivery fast. just tried one sachet, taste ok

  18. Jack


  19. Tiong

    The taste is very nice. This is my first time trying this product. Already take 1 week. Results for me so far okay la, consider good! Already feel different.

  20. Eddie Yap

    之前在phamacy 买过一次,前天去断货了。还好网上还有货

  21. Spencer

    I took a lot of supplements, but cannot help. My friends introduced me CHIKARA. So I try!
    It did enhance my energy, my stamina one whole day. I work until 9, 10, 11, 12pm without tiredness.
    For stamina, as in my Zumba class, I can continue to dance for one hour, one and a half hour non-stop. Can recover breath very fast!
    For manhood. To me. Individual ah. To me. 10 days I can see the results. Maybe because I got exercise. 10 days Long lasting, stamina, improve! That’s why I love CHIKARA.

  22. Chong Mun Kok

    Amazing product! Highly recommend! 👍

  23. TB Hoong

    我今年51 岁。这个产品对我有效。

  24. Ellian Chan

    Skip vitamin C, skip milk thistle, skip multi-minerals, skip pumpkin seed, skin ginaeng and herbs, now I only need Chikara. Worth for price 👍

  25. Lee CK

    Seen the review here and placed order for 3 boxes straight. Used for only a month now but no regret. Totally recommended.

  26. David Ong

    my third time buying ,very gud! 👌💯 packaging also gud, thank u very much 😊😊

  27. chewjun

    Fast shipping. Good packing. Expiry date long. Good product.

  28. LiTing

    买了给我爸爸的夜尿问题。才喝了2个星期,他跟我说他小便次数少了。以后会继续购买。希望你们可以给我们这些忠实顾客更多 promotion

  29. James Soo

    Fast delivery. Received in good condition. It reduce my tiredness.

  30. Janice

    Nice packaging, first time purchase for my hubby. Will repurchase if it is good.

  31. Raahim

    Really effective as described. Wife surrender terus setelah hampir satu jam kena. Product is good!

  32. Loh

    On March 19th, I started taking Chikara before lunch, and after dinner I took the second pack and then went to sleep in the middle of the night. After 3 years, my (brother) is standing up!

  33. Eddie

    Got it as a gift. Now coming to place order 👍 thanks to Gary

  34. Alex

    They say this product can help sexual enhancement. A lot of product also say like this., but this one is really enhancing! Must try.

  35. Wai Lee Wong

    I don’t like ginseng and herbs taste, but this Chikara blend the taste so well. Acceptable, can take it everyday also wont feel geli

  36. Faisal A.

    Order hari isnin, sampai hari khamis. Tk

  37. Calvin

    This product really not bad. The desire…. chikara really pumps up the drive

  38. Othmar

    It helps especially with my prostate. The times I go to the toilet before bed has reduced by about 2 to 3 weeks. I’m very impressed because this issue is something I have once sought medical help for. And Chikara works like a miracle!

  39. Siti Idah

    Belikan untuk hubby. Before ni pernah guna, sgt best hubby kata. Tahan lama. Thank you

  40. Amir

    review kat sini kata lebih kurang 2-3 minggu boleh nampak result, memang tepat sekali. bagi saya juga lebih kurang 3 minggu. hampir habis satu kotak sekarang

  41. Kenneth Chong

    Love this to the max. So convenient for frequent traveler like me. Keep me full of energy even on hectic schedule. For drinker, must try ya 😉

  42. Zhang Wei

    I buy 3 boxes this supplement for this Maho Chikara ,oredi can see results in a f ew days. i like it ,now need to take every day

  43. Seng Tak

    Parcel delayed. Took 7 days to arrive East Malaysia. Pls improve your logistic especially for East Malaysia.

  44. Siowjoe


  45. Aaron Kong


  46. Mohd Fakrie

    Nampak ads dia kat FB. Dulu I sudah guna Dorika Maho selama 1 tahun. Ada produk baru ni mesti cuba. Sedap dan berkesan. Terbaik tim dorika.

  47. Edmund

    当我的朋友介绍我这个产品 CHIKARA。我一开始觉得我不需要啦。因为自己已经很厉害了,都没有那一方面的问题。结果一 try, 才知道它的厉害!它是帮到我的 sensation。那个快感真的不一样!

  48. B.H. Ong

    Received items in good shape within 3 days. good seller. thanks for the voucher.

  49. King


  50. 铭荣


  51. Danny Chia Shih Jie

    Not sure is it coz of holiday, took almost 6 days to be delivered. Luckily not 7 days next day I’m going for my honeymoon.

  52. Mamat

    Kotak kemek sikit tapi barang ok. Sudah cuba 4 hari, ada sikit improve. Overall bagus. Boleh cuba yang lain

  53. Wong Bee Chuan

    Recommended by my BIL, now I know why he likes it so much 😂

  54. Tony Kok

    2022年11月刚刚推出时成为他们的第一批用户,现在我爸爸,弟弟,哥哥,姐夫都在喝。真的有效,多功能合一不是吹的 👍 请保持这么好的产品质量 🙏

  55. Terry Lee


  56. Muhammad B.

    Kali ketiga order Chikara, Miryoku dan Mamoru. Harap ada membership atau loyalty program dari Dorika Maho

  57. Clarice Yeong


  58. Simon Mak

    My friend only tell me this is good, and thumbs up. I try, I see results in about 1 week lah. Must be patient. But results very good

  59. 真的很不错一下。1 包就看到效果了。在公司坐着都会突然硬。做工什么都没想,还要冷静自己下来。如果长期都有效,是不错的哦。

  60. Ang Yong Kuen

    客服很好👍 货运遗失马上就补发。值得好评

  61. Haoye

    A game changer for my energy levels. High recommend!

  62. Amir

    6 days only receive. They need to change courier. Hopefully the product helps

  63. 杰明

    没想到这么好喝,还以为味道会乖乖应为有两种人参,但是那个 prune and berries 的味道把人参味中和到很好

  64. Daniel Soh

    有点小贵,不过货真价实👍 还好第一次买有优惠

  65. Chee Kai Ming

    Recently felt my muscle gain is much better as compared to last time, even my coach felt so. Now I take it as my fitness diet routine. Totally recommended for anyone with fitness goal, try it to believe it.

  66. John


  67. Angeline Ang

    我老公喜欢,不错喝,价格对我来说有点小贵,但是真的可以看到有进步 good overall

  68. Kim Tan


  69. Jian Xiang

    This product is really amazing! I used to perform once every 1 – 2 weeks. After taking this for about 2 weeks, I am performing 3 times a week!

  70. Edward

    Sour and sweet… With a touch of ginseng and herb taste. Taste 7/10, texture 8/10, convenient 9/10, power 10/10

  71. Beh


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