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Concentrated nano water-soluble macro minerals and trace elements
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The Last Gift From Heaven 

DORIKA MAHO™ is a concentrated solution of amorphous water-soluble minerals and trace elements. It contains more than 60 types of minerals and trace elements, including silica, calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, and more.


DORIKA MAHO™ is a functional food. It can be consumed for optimum health; it can be applied on the skin as a booster for your skincare; it can be applied topically to speed up recovery; it can be formulated into an eye moisturiser for optimum visual.


Why Choose DORIKA MAHO™?

💧 Every drop contains more than 60 types of minerals best for human consumption.

💧 The water-soluble form provides much superior nutrient absorption without drawbacks.

💧 Infused with nano-technology to boost bioavailability and efficacy.


Are you suffering from Minerals and Trace Elements Deficiency?

According to the United Nations (UN), more than 800 million people are malnourished; More than 2 billion people are suffering from one or more micronutrient deficiencies.


DORIKA MAHO™ originated in Japan🗾

From the land that emerged from the deep sea. This land has the longest life expectancy and the highest number of centenarians. Japanese longevity lies in their land and culture. Their food, their beverage, their hot springs – their land is a gift of nature, providing limitless minerals and trace elements through their daily lifestyle.


Mineral Extraction process takes 12- 15 months 

💎 High mineral crystals are mined from the earth’s crust in Japan. Mining only took place twice a year, once in Hokkaido, and once in Kyushu.


This process has taken two decades of research by Japanese R&D to invent the best formula for human consumption.


These crystals went through 10 advanced production technologies. It is a diligent process that takes 12 to 15 months to reach the final product of DORIKA MAHO™.


How would I feel after taking DORIKA MAHO™?

86% of users felt improvements within 1-2 months (average).
69% of users have validated and confirmed health improvement with licensed lab test results.

You may experience a sense of improved well-being and vitality. Every user’s experience is unique depending on their health condition. Some individuals might notice improved sleep quality, increased energy levels, better focus and productivity, improved skin health, increased hair volume, stronger gums, improved back pain, better joint functions, and improved readings on body check reports.


How DORIKA MAHO™ works?

  1. Cleansing: FIrstly, it eliminates excessive harmful deposits and substances from your body.
  2. Detoxification: Then it removes these impurities through your excretory systems.
  3. Recuperation: Thirdly, it enhances nutrient absorption and supplies high-quality of minerals and trace elements to your cells.
  4. Rejuvenation: Lastly, it activates your cells for repair and regeneration.


The many ways to use DORIKA MAHO™

🍋 Squeeze half a lemon juice and add 5ml to 10ml of DORIKA MAHO™, drink after food.

💆🏻‍♀️ Apply on your skin 2 to 3 times a week after cleansing, before skincare

💦 Mix mineral water and DORIKA MAHO™ into a spray bottle to apply topically on any affected areas

👁  Add mineral water to the eye drop bottle for eye use.


Consume with Confidence!



✨ SGS Certified no heavy metals and microbes

✨ Radiation Free test

🏆 Consumer Protection Award 2022




14 reviews for DORIKA MAHO™

  1. Simon Chua

    received safely. thank you so much

  2. Vynna Yap

    my father’s hand is shaking less now…..2 months of using it. will continue with the second bottle.

  3. Marcus Gan


  4. Kelvin Chua

    it works for sinus, my wife is happy now

  5. Lai Yee Yien

    不知道是不是错觉,我老公的狐臭好像不见了(还是没那么臭了)。我是给他喝 for 他的糖尿病的 😮 so far reading 跌了一点点啦。不错不错才两个月多

  6. WONG HH


  7. Jessica Lam

    for me it works, my back pain relief so much after taking for like a month. recommended

  8. Alan Wang

    i used to take tablets and capsules for minerals supplement, good to have a liquid type. loving it. i feel the bioavailability is really much much better

  9. Veron Wong


  10. Rose Yong Yuet Mei

    better than a***ton, my children have better appetite now, was quite worried coz they were so skinny before. now less picky on their food already.

  11. Ben Ang

    this Japan product is really good for my gout and uric acid, I used to have gout attack every month, but now no more already, been 5 months since taking it. really good one, just a little pricey, hope to have promo for this 🙏

  12. Lee Choon Chin

    用了3个月多,妈妈最近没再complain 膝盖痛了,以前喝那个glucosame 很久都还不了,这个DORIKA MAHO真的不错

  13. Abby Wong


  14. Yeow Li Ze

    diabetic wound recover 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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