2019 - How we began

Dorika is the sole distributor for Dorika in Malaysia, with a sales force covering the whole of Malaysia.

2020 – Improving lives

With products that are inspired by nature and powered by science, we are well on our way to helping people achieve their wellness goal.

2021- One big step

The company has plan to expand their product line. The formulation of each product comes with months of dedication, clinical studies, and compilations of research reports from an international research team.

2022- Where we are

Dorika has successfully launched a series of products including Dorika Maho Chikara, Dorika Maho Miryoku and Dorika Maho Mamoru with plan of strengthening the Southest East Asian market.

Core value


Prioritize Interests of Our Members


Consistent and Uncompromising Moral Principles


Advantageous and Mutually Beneficial for Everyone


Committed for Present and Long-Term Success

About Us

Dorika Group

Dorika Group was established in 2020 by Ms. Doris Kok. Within a short period of time, the company managed to get to the forefront of delivering the best in quality and value because we want our consumers to lead healthier, more enriching lives – the smarter way. Since then, Dorika has always been centered around family and has a priority to deliver the highest quality products to you.

Dorika is a Biotechnology Company, an official strategic partner of Japan’s Highest Research Institute focusing on research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of unique and high-quality healthcare and skincare products.

We want you to be able to share about the products you love. You fell in love with our products because they can change lives—and now you can, too. As a Dorika affiliate, you’ll be exclusively authorized to sell unique innovations of science, technology, and sourcing that help unlock your body’s true potential.

We have brought our unique corporate culture to life and also brought hope to the world through continuous innovation. We consistently strive to improve and meet our ever-changing, diversifying consumer and market need to stay ahead. Dorika treats each of our customer’s health journeys as our own, we are born out of genuine enthusiasm for natural elements, nutritional science, health, and wellbeing.


Improve human health and beauty with core values of “building a sustainable business with integrity, co-winning and people-oriented mindset”.


To develop a world class health and wellbeing benchmark trusted by everyone.

Our commitment

To our people

We will support, encourage one another and build a caring and inspiring environment for our people to succeed and shape the future with us.

To our partners

We work together with respect and honesty for mutual benefit.

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