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Japan has one of the world's longest life expectancies. There were 86,000 people over 100 years old in 2020, and the numbers are still increasing annually!

Rich Water-Soluble Nano Macro Minerals and Trace Elements

Benefits of DORIKA MAHO™

Internal Health

Promote antioxidant and prevent free radical


Prevent cell aging, cell damage and promotes hair growth

External health

Promote bones and joints regeneration

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DORIKA MAHO™ contains more than 60 types of minerals and trace elements in water-soluble form with nano-technology. It is a 24-year of scientific breakthrough from Japan.


Contains more than 60 types of minerals and trace elements in water-soluble form with nano-technology. It is a 24-year of scientific breakthrough from Japan.

Customer Review

“I thought that I lost my pretty cheeks and chin at 68 years old, but I got it back again! After 3 weeks of taking Dorika MAHO, my cheeks, jawlines and neck looks firm and no longer sagging. My skin is glowing and smooth!”


“Due to my high sugar, my wound just cannot heal. For years, I tried many medications, supplements or topical creams also never help. After using Dorika MAHO for 2 ½ months, my diabetic wounds gradually recovered.”

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“My kid was suffering from severe and stubborn eczema skin problems since born. After using Dorika MAHO for just 1 week, the eczema and skin wound fully recovered! And there is no relapse so far since then.”


“I have tried many hair growth products and treatments for my bald head, but they were ineffective. After I started using Dorika MAHO within 50 days, my bald hair began to grow!”


“Due to my occupation, I often need to drink. My liver starts to fail as shown in my blood test report. After taking Dorika MAHO, my liver function readings start to improve.”

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“I have been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for the past 16 years. After 2 months of consuming Dorika MAHO, I noticed my movement rigidity has improved a lot!”


“My pet dog had very bad rashes on both her front and back paws. After using Dorika MAHO, the soreness and redness are gone in just 3 days!”


“I thought with my age of 60, it is common to have dark spots and sagging skin. Until I met Dorika MAHO, with just 1.5 months, the dark spots on my face lighten and I regain my firm skin.”


“I have been suffering from psoriasis for many years. Both feet skin keeps cracking and bleeding, with red patches and non-stop itchiness. After 4 weeks with Dorika MAHO, I have recovered my beautiful skin.”

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“There is no gym, no fasting, no meal plan, and no diet ever since I started Dorika MAHO, yet I managed to break through and slim down by weight and size. Until now, more than a year, I still continue to size down without any rebounce.”


“I have been suffering from chronic sinus problems for more than 20 years. Most of the time I have to rely on sinus nasal spray on daily basis. I totally get rid of my sinus problem after 4-5 months ever since I started.”


“My many years of thyroid problems led me to severe weight and emotional issues. I refused to go for removal surgery and refused to rely on medications for lifelong. After taking Dorika MAHO for 2 months, my thyroid glands have become smaller and the complications have improved accordingly!”


“I was diagnosed with a cataract. I choose not to undergo cataract-removal surgery because I am worried about the sequelae. I started Dorika MAHO consistently for around 5 months. I went for a check-up later and found that the cataract was cleared. I am no longer required to go for surgery!”

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“My hearing started to deteriorate when I was in my 60s. It became worst 3 years ago and I have had to rely on hearing aids since then. After 2 weeks of using Dorika MAHO, one day, I can hear the birds chirping and people talking. I woke up without the need for hearing aids!”

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“Life after stroke is not a joke. I couldn’t coordinate and move, and couldn’t speak properly for long 2.5 years. Dorika MAHO has given me a second life. I now no longer need a wheelchair or crutches to walk. I can speak loudly, clearly, and in orderly now!”

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