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Conditions associated with mineral imbalances
1. Hardening of the arteries – Magnesium intake is inversely associated with artery calcification. Areas where the soil is deficient in magnesium tend to have higher levels of calcium deposition on the arteries.
2. High cholesterol – Imbalanced copper to zinc ratio linked to excess cholesterol and increased heart disease
3. High blood pressure – linked to high sodium intake
4. Hyperactivity – strong relationship between hyperactivity and high levels of iron, manganese and copper. Additionally toxic metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury.
5. Migraines – excessive mineral accumulation is a contributing factor

Minerals are essential for laying a solid foundation for good health. However, our bodies can’t produce minerals which we need for our body to function properly. When our diet is poor or lacking in these essential nutrients then our body has no other way of accessing them. We become depleted and bodily processes stop working as they should.

Dorika MAHO is the best solution! It contains 94 types of identical minerals and trace elements required by the human body, helps our body to function in an optimal level.

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