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1.Nasal redness: When the liver is damaged, it will cause hormonal disorders in the body, leading to dilation of the capillaries in the nose.

2.More acne: The corpus luteum hormone in the body promotes the secretion of sebum. The liver destroys the corpus luteum hormone and the hormone regulation function as well. This will increase sebum secretion and results in more acne problem.

3.Wounds are prone to form into pus: The liver is very important for human metabolism. If liver function is impaired, skin regeneration will be affected. Decreased liver detoxification can cause wound infected by bacteria.

4.Nails are easy to break or dry: When the liver is not good, there will be insufficient blood and nutrients supply to the nails.

5. Red palms or palmar erythema: This change in color usually affects the base of the palm and the area around the bottom of your thumb and little finger. When the liver becomes inflamed, the estrogen concentration in the body increases, causing arterial dilation.

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