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Stones occur due to genetics, poor dietary and lifestyle habits, or low intake of water, which results in too many crystals to accumulate in the kidney, forming large and small stones. Stones may slide all the way from the kidneys along the ureter, and sometimes will be discharged automatically, but most of the time they will deposit and remain in different parts. This may cause severe pain, often unable to describe the painful part accurately, the pain occurs all the way from back pain to lower abdomen.

Dorika MAHO is a human formula developed by the Japan Human Highest Research Institute with 23 years research breakthrough, combined with the highest technology in Japan, which helps to excrete and deep cleanse harmful excess deposition from the inner structure of the cells. With its water-soluble nanotechnology, it can directly penetrate into cell membranes. By consuming Dorika MAHO 180 days, it can help to repair damaged kidney cells and improve the detoxification function of the kidney.

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