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3 Complications Caused by Uric Acid

1.Diabetes: High uric acid and diabetes are both metabolic diseases. Once the uric acid value is too high, it will reduce the glucose usage by the body, affect the normal function of insulin, and leads to an increase in blood sugar. This will eventually increase the risk of diabetes.

2.Kidney disease: The excretion of uric acid is mostly done by the kidneys. Once the urea is too high, the concentration in the kidneys also increases, and uric acid is easily precipitated in the kidneys in a crystalline form, causing damage to the kidneys which also induce kidney stones or uremia.

3.Arteriosclerosis and cerebral cardiovascular diseases: When there is too much uric acid in the body, it will precipitate on the arterial wall and damage the intima of the artery, resulting in the precipitation of blood lipids on the wall of the blood vessel and trigger arteriosclerosis.

How to control uric acid and avoid complications?

1.Sufficient water intake: metabolize uric acid by increasing urine output.

2.Less intake of high-purine food: Uric acid is derived from food. Once high-purine food is eaten into the body, it will form uric acid in the liver and increase uric acid in the blood. Therefore, it is recommended to control purine intake not to exceed 400 mg a day.

3.Weight control: Obesity leads to fat accumulation in the body and increases insulin production. Uric acid should have been excreted with urine, but more insulin will cause the body to absorb uric acid again, causing the uric acid value in the blood to rise.

4.Sufficient trace elements intake: Regulate the acid-base balance in the body, regulate uric acid metabolism, and relieve symptoms.

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