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The human body is like a machine. Parts wear out over time, and joints tend to age due to overuse. You can extend the life of joints by a correct way of dietary intake.

Bone is composed of bone matrix and bone minerals, and calcium plays an important role. The main components of bone matrix are collagen and collagen fibers, which act as binders and scaffolds. The synthesis of collagen requires the participation of silica. With the help of collagen, calcium salts can be easily absorbed. Appropriate supplementation of silica, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium can strengthen the bones and joints.

In addition, there are several researches showed that oxidative stress is very likely to cause various autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and degenerative arthritis. Antioxidant substances such as minerals (selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, etc.) and other antioxidant coenzymes helps in arthritis problem.

Trace minerals are also important for joint maintenance .

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