Have your parents or grandparents told you bizarre things about what you should and shouldn’t do during menstruation? Do you believe them? Do you follow their advice?  Let us explain the most common myths surrounding the menstrual period! “You shouldn’t exercise during menstruation.” You can exercise! Exercise helps to ease your period pain, anxiety, and mood swings. The extra pumps improve your blood circulation, strengthen your pelvic muscles, and eventually aid your body in shedding blood. As long as you’re healthy, you can add some physical activity during your menstrual period.  What exercise can you do? 1st to 3rd day: Yoga or stretching exercises 4th to 5th day: Slow walk, slow jog.
“You shouldn’t wash your hair on your first menstrual day.”  According to Chinese tradition, women’s bodies and immune systems are weaker during menstruation. If they wash their hair, it makes it easier to catch a cold and worsen period pain. Keeping their bodies warm is vital during this period. However, the older generations didn’t have hair dryers or water heaters. No wonder they catch a cold easier. You may shower with warm water and immediately blow dry your hair thoroughly.
“You shouldn’t eat pineapple during menstruation.” In Chinese tradition, food that is cold, hot and sour is prohibited during menstruation. However, pineapple is neutral, so it gets the green light! In Western countries, they found an enzyme called bromelain in pineapples. It helps relax muscles and help relieve menstrual pain. However, too much bromelain leads to heavy blood flow. As a result, it is advised to consume pineapple in moderation. A small number of people may be sensitive to bromelain. Eating a small cup of pineapple is sufficient for them to have heavy blood flow. So, you can eat pineapple, but at your own risk. Having menstrual pain? Try DM MIRYOKU! It has helped many women ease period pain. It is formulated with herbs, such as Dang gui, Jerusalem sage and ancient herbs that promote women’s health. Furthermore, it contains ingredients that promote collagen production, and enhance your skin’s firmness, elasticity, fullness, radiance, complexion, hydration, whitening and moisturisation! One liquid stick of DM Miryoku a day, is your perfect solution for inner health and outer beauty.

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