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Vitamin C is important in collagen synthesis in our body. It has anti-oxidant effects which can improve many diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and others. However, sometimes we may find that our body has not improved significantly although we have consumed rich vitamin C natural fruits and vegetables. This may due to too much sugar level
in our body.

According to a report in the “Daily Health Post”, scientists have discovered that sugar and vitamin C enter human cells through the same receptor (Glut-1), but this receptor prefers sugar. Therefore, if the body’s sugar is too high, it will inhibit vitamin C to enter our cells, thereby reducing the absorption rate. Besides that, vitamin C needs to neutralize the free radicals produced by excessive sugar intake. Therefore, when too much sugar is consumed, more vitamin C is needed. Try to get vitamin C from natural fruits and vegetables such as lemon, orange, kiwi, and spinach to achieve antioxidant, inhibit melanin production, and
improve immunity.

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