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Here is some bad news, even if you think you are eating well: food cannot contain minerals that have been depleted from the soil. While healthy eating is a good start, the problem is that our soils have become depleted through modern farming practices that focus on production rather than nutrition. We have all heard that we get what we pay for.

Farmers get paid on kilos and bushels they produce but not on how mineral-rich their vegetables are.
NPK fertilizer is the most common fertilizer but it replaces only three basic minerals: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These macro minerals dramatically increase harvest yields but the world has seen a steady and dramatic decrease in the nutritional value of the foods we eat over the last 40 years. Processing, such as peeling, extracting, heat-treating, and early harvest for storage and transportation, further diminishes the nutrients in foods. It is impossible for you to go into a grocery store and see how much chromium there is in the broccoli or the iron content in a bunch of spinach.

#DorikaMAHO, cell activation ionized nutrients from Japan offers us a simple way to top up the minerals needed by our body. With a minimum small cup of Dorika MAHO, it replenishes the 94 types of complete minerals that we leak off daily.

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