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Other than hepatitis, fatty liver is the most common liver disease among modern people nowadays. Although fatty liver accumulates a lot of fat in the liver, it does not have any symptoms, so it is often found that even thin people also have fatty liver problem. Once fat accumulates in the liver for a long time, the body will produce more free radicals and results in liver inflammation. Once severely inflamed, the liver will become fibrotic, which may eventually lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer. In fact, fatty liver is the first step in arteriosclerosis, because too much triglyceride in the body can cause hardening and inflammation of blood vessels, and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Normally fatty livers are due to too much triglycerides caused by excessive sugar intake.

Therefore, to improve fatty liver:


    1. Cut down high sugar food or sugary drinks.

    1. Supplement good cholesterol (HDL) like deep-sea fish, olive oil to avoid excessive fat accumulation in the body.

    1. Replenish minerals like vegetables and fruits to fight against excessive free radicals.

    1. Walk briskly for 30 minutes a day to burn down excess body fat.

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