1. Do you experience sudden fever OR coughing OR common cold in the past 3 months?
2. Do you experience headache in the past 3 months?
3. Do you experience acne/ eczema/ inflamed/ itchy/ dry OR sensitive skin in the past 3 months?
4. Do you experience muscle OR joint pain in the past 3 months?
5. Do you experience difficult/ passage of hard stools OR frequent painful bowel movements OR infrequent passage of stools (less than 3 times a week)?
6. Do you experience the feeling of an incomplete bowel movement?
7. Do you experience any discomfort OR pain in the abdomen?
8. Do you experience lost of appetite/bloating OR feel sick frequently?
9. What is the shape of your stool?
10. Do you experience pain OR discomfort in/around your eyes? (e.g. burning, itching, aching, drying)
11. How many hours you use your eyesight over devices with screen or light source?
12. Do you experience slow wound healing?
13. Do you experience bleeding gum OR ulcer?
14. Do you go to sleep easily and sleep (7-8 hours) through the night everyday?
15. Do you get at least 30 minutes of exercise OR activity everyday?
16. Do you eat balanced diet every meal?
17. Do you OR parents/ family members have any chronic illness or diseases?
18. Are you a smoker/ drinker?
19. How would you describe your working mood?
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