1. Have you ever had any unstable emotion issues? (e.g. nervousness, irritability, anxiety, depression, mood swings)
2. Do you find yourself lacking in stamina, energy OR muscular strength?
3. Are you suffered from joint pain/ muscular ache/ backache OR excessive sweating?
4. Do you find yourself decrease in beard growth?
5. Do you face erectile problem before/ during sexual activity OR decrease in the number of morning erections?
6. Are you satisfied with your sexual activity (e.g. desire, sensation, frequency)?
7. Do you face ejaculation OR orgasm problem before/ during/ after sexual activity?
8. How do you rate your erection hardness score?
9. Do you face incomplete bladder emptying (does not feel like empty my bladder all the way) ?
10. Do you face frequent urination day or night (have to go again less than 2 hours after finish urinating) ?
11. Do you face weak/intermittent urine stream OR straining (have to push to begin urination) / constant urge to urinate (hard to wait when have to urinate) ?
12. Do you experience loss of appetite, nausea OR vomiting?
13. Do you have dark urine color OR pale stool color/ bloody/ tar-colored stool?
14. Do your skin or eyes appear yellowish (jaundice) OR have occasionally itchy skin ?
15. Do you go to sleep easily and sleep (7-8 hours) through the night everyday?
16. Do you get at least 30 minutes of exercise or activity everyday?
17. Do you eat balanced diet every meal?
18. Do you OR parents/ family members have any chronic illness or diseases?
19. Are you a smoker/ drinker?
20. How would you describe your working mood?
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