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It’s DNA Day, a day to make people to be more aware of their DNA, improve their understanding of genetics, and genomics. 🤓 DNA damage or mutation has been long recognized as a causal factor of cancer development and degenerative diseases. 🧐What you eat and how you live are pivotal to protect your DNA, we do know that some minerals or nutrients can be hardly consume in our daily regime and that’s where supplements come in.

🙂It’s better prevent than cure, start your journey with DORIKA MAHO rich water-soluble nano macro minerals and trace elements, to replenish the absence of minerals and trace elements in our diet, which is essential in order to activate our body cells for the ❤️‍🔥self-healing process❤️‍🔥. It also contains Selenium – an important mineral that plays a powerful role in protecting and repairing DNA, prevents oxidative damage to DNA and boosts the activity of enzymes and pathways involved in DNA repair.

📩PM us to know more now or visit https://dorikamahointernational.com/ for more information.

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