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The normal human body temperature should be between 36.0°C and 37.2°C. The latest research found that every 1°C increase in body temperature will increase basal metabolism by 13%; whereas, if body temperature drops by 1°C, immunity will be reduced by 30%.

This also means that when the body temperature is hypothermic, the metabolic system also declines.

The blood and circulatory system are important for maintaining body temperature. When the body temperature is too high, the blood flow rate also increases, so that white blood cells can quickly detect abnormalities in the body, and produce relative immune response to eliminate pathogens. If the body temperature and the basal metabolic rate drops, it is difficult to early detect abnormalities in the body.

Even if a foreign pathogen is found, due to the slow reaction of the white blood cells, human body is prone to infected by the viruses and bacteria, which leads to diseases!!

Since the immune system slows down, our body system tends to miss out nearly a thousand cancer cells daily which means that we are at high risk of getting cancer.

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