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Many people are superstitions on eyelid twitching, thinking left eyelid jumps means fortune and good luck while right side means bad fortune and unluckiness. In fact, it is because the eyes are sick. The blinking of eyelids is controlled by the orbicularis oculi muscle and levator palpebral muscle which regulate the oculomotor nerves and facial nerves. These nerves are all main control by the brain. However, some external forces may cause eyelid twitching involuntarily.

Eyelid twitching occurs due to:

1.Some diseases such as severe dry eye and keratitis. Eyelid twitching may also an early sign of acute renal failure because increase in urea protein and decrease in blood calcium.

2.Drugs and alcohol can also stimulate the nerves and results in eyelid twitching.

3.Unhealthy lifestyle such as 

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