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A disease that afflicts patients and families: a man overcomes the after-effects of a stroke after taking DORIKA MAHO.


Dato Tan Leong Poh, who suffers from the after-effects of his stroke, finds every day extremely difficult since he is unable to stand or walk by himself and requires assistance from friends and family to go and conduct whatever he wants to accomplish. He is unable to engage in his favorite solo pastimes, including traveling and playing chess, due to the aftereffects of the stroke. Even the most routine daily tasks, like using the loo, require assistance from his family. This makes him feel sorry for his family.

dato tan stroke recovery with dorika maho

After getting to know DORIKA MAHO from his wife, he began taking it daily consistently. After 9 months of consuming DORIKA MAHO, in January 2020, he was finally able to stand and walk on his own! The stroke’s after-effects have also significantly reduced to a satisfactory state. The whole family is happy, relieved, and thankful for the result brought by DORIKA MAHO.

dorika maho poster in sketch background

Dato Tan Leong Poh drinks lemon juice mixed with 10ml of DORIKA MAHO™ daily after breakfast and dinner. It is a simple step to regain a healthy body by replenishing the needed minerals and trace elements from a good source produced using a proprietary technique.


We hope that Dato Tan Leong Poh’s experience can help someone similar who is in need.

If you or someone close to you is suffering from the same problem, try DORIKA MAHO™.

You may visit our product page to learn more about the science and technology of DORIKA MAHO™.

Alternatively, grab yourself this wonder of nature through an online purchase from our webstore, and enjoy free shipping within Malaysia!

Do contact us if you have any inquiries!


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