Ladies, did you know that it’s insufficient to simply apply sunblock only when you’re stepping out for the day? In fact, even if you were simply staying home, sunblock lotions and creams with SPF 30 or more are extremely important to protect your precious skin from harmful rays coming from (gasp) our devices like smartphones, laptops, etc.!

Yes, turns out, taking all those selfies may actually prematurely age you. Well, maybe not that dramatically, but the dangers from “blue light” are as real as the UV rays from the sun.

Don’t worry, DORIKA MAHO Miryoku is here to help you fight harmful rays! Packed with ingredients high in antioxidants, Miryoku is proven to improve your health and skin in as little as 30 days.

Don’t believe us? Check DORIKA MAHO Miryoku out here:

Dorika Maho Miryoku

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