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1.Excessive gastric acid secretion: Some people do not eat at a fixed time, so the time for gastric acid secretion is also not fixed, causing irregular secretion of gastric acid to irritate the intestines and cause the stomach to make noises.

Solution: Eat at a fixed time, and reduce intake of high sugar foods, fried foods or foods with high caffeine during non-meal time, because it will stimulate gastric acid secretion.

2.Too much gas in the intestine: Too much gas in the intestine may result in eating too fast, eating too full, eating too much gas-producing food, or even too many bad bacteria in the intestine.

Solution: Slow down the speed of eating, take at least 20 bites with 70% full. Avoid excessive gas-producing foods such as beans and high-fiber vegetables.

3.Constipation: The stomach is filled with faeces, and the intestine accelerates the peristalsis in order to push the faeces out, and the sound becomes louder.

Solution: Eat more high-fiber fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

4.Gastroenteritis: When the gastrointestinal tract is inflamed, the peristalsis speed is very fast. Gastroenteritis may have symptoms such as a hot stomach, diarrhea, or uncomfortable feeling during eating.

Solution: Eat less irritating foods, such as caffeine, spicy and sour foods; let the stomach rest slowly and return to normal.

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